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The Frei Otto shelter, located in the Santa Monica neighborhood, was founded in the late 1970s. 

The missionary Frei Otto, together with the Vincentians of the Santa Monica conference, of the São Vicente de Paulo Society (SSVP), were the creators of the work.

Initially, the institution was created to meet the needs of a family in the community − Mr. Antonio Francisco Campos and Mrs. Joaquina Anna Francisca, who lived in a situation of social vulnerability with their children José Raimundo Tomaz, who had health problems; and Maria das Dores de Jesus, with special needs.

As the parents were already elderly and did not have adequate housing – they lived in a canvas shack – Friar Otto and the Vincentians were sensitized and started to mobilize in the community, in order to raise resources and build a space to welcome the family. Over the years, given the need in the region, the Shelter started to receive elderly people and became a Long-Term Institution for the Elderly (ILPI). It currently has the capacity to serve 20 residents, 12 women and 8 men.  

The institution has a multidisciplinary team that performs various health care actions and strengthens community and family bonds, valuing the quality of life and well-being of its residents.  

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Welcoming elderly people of both sexes, at risk and socially vulnerable, guaranteeing them access to their rights and a   improved quality of life. 


Structure Abrigo Frei Otto


Maria Aparecida Pereira - President

  Ederson Gilio de Paula Silva - Vice President
  Ereniz Gonçalves Rocha - Secretary

  Maria das Graças Pereira Rodrigues dos Santos - 2nd Secretary

Tereza Ferreira dos Santos Guimarães- Treasurer

  Geralda Marina Rocha de Souza - 2nd Treasurer.



Pedro Henrique Rezende - General Coordinator

Lúcia Martins dos Santos - Supervisor

Daniela Gonçalves Ferreira - Social Worker

Cintia Aparecida B. Pereira  - Psychologist / Responsible Technician





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